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Deep Sea Supply Suunto SK8 Compass Mount

Elastomeric Bungee Ready Mount for Suunto SK8 Compass is a hand replacement boot for the Popular Suunto SK8 Compass. Long the favorite of serious divers- the SK8 compass will still operate even when tilted off level. The factory boot is not a favorite however- hard to don- and toooo tall. This replacement mount is lower profile- and is designed to accept 1/8 in.- 5/32 in.- or 3/16 in. diameter Bungee Cord.

Bungee Cord mounted gauges are far easier to don than Buckled straps- and are depth compensating. New version will work with both black & white friction rings. This mount can be fitted with one continuous bungee- (as shown in the photos) or two separate loops for redundancy. Simple- secure- snap in installation- tough elastomeric material- remains flexible at low temperatures.

Please note that the bungee cord is not included.


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