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Corals Indo-Pacific Field Guide

Today the term 'coral reef' calls to mind one of the most fascinating environments on our planet. Coral reefs are formed by tiny polyps that draw lime from the sea water and shape it into cup-like habitats. Millions of these miniscule cups are joined together in rows and layers to form huge limestone structures.

This book captures the breathtaking panorama of the worlds corals through more than 1000 stunning photographs and a number of captivating short stories. A feast of information for divers, naturalists and anyone else concerned about this, one of the vast but fragile wonders of our planet.

IKAN is renowned for publishing this series of books on the world’s marine life. The hallmark of these books is their extensive and beautiful photography coupled with information to enable the diver to identify almost every marine creature that they encounter. They are an invaluable resource for any diver who wants to make the most of their diving trip. 

Author: Erhardt & Knop

305 pages
15 x 24 cms


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