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Bright Weights Belt Tensioners

Bright Weights new weight system is taking on the task to revolutionize the whole concept of weight belts and how divers feel about using them!

The Bright Weights system allows for trim and buoyancy to be adjusted in tandem -allowing the diver to split up the total weight carried on a dive over the longitudinal axis of their bodies. The 500g bullet weights are slid into the weight belt and the 1500g plastic coated weights are strapped onto the SCUBA cylinder in tandem.

This means no more dragging butts due to all weight lying on the waist but the weight will be positioned where it's needed -including the chest area, which tends to be buoyant due to lungs and thickest neoprene on that area.

Bright Weights Belt Tensioners are designed to help keep the Bright Weights Bullet Weights close to the body.


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