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Atomic M1 Monel Regulator with Z2 Octopus and Miflex Console

Atomic Aquatics have been on a mission to create the highest caliber diving equipment since 1996 with their founders having a reputation for innovation on the industry since 1976.

Why not take your most important piece of dive equipment to the next level with un-beatable quality of Atomic Aquatics' products! The M1 regulator is designed specifically for oxygen compatibility, which makes it extremely versatile.

In the Atomic Regulator package you will receive:

1 x Atomic M1 Monel Regulator

1 x Atomic Z2 Octopus

Your choice of either

1 x Miflex SPG


1 x Miflex Double Console

Accomplished specialty divers will appreciate this regulator package designed to fulfill virtually any need or diving scenario.


Regulator Valve / Console Type
DIN / Single 2-3 days
INT / Single 2-3 days
DIN / Double 2-3 days
INT / Double 2-3 days
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