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Atomic Cobalt 2 Dive Computer

The new upgraded Atomic Cobalt 2 Dive computer has all the same features that made its predecessor the king and a few upgrades to boot!

  • Brighter LCD Screen
  • Significantly faster processor speed
  • Faster digital compass
  • Now supplied with protective case

The people that buy this computer in the shop are people that don't want to compromise on quality, want reliability, large visible screen and want the reassurance of their air integrated dive computer actually being attached to their HP Hose.

As for usability - the Atomic Cobalt 2 can't be beaten - within 2 minutes of picking this computer up you will be able to use it, and that means not just for the daily features but you will be able to change nitrox mixes and personalisations.

You can now customise your Cobalt II with colorful Atomic Cobalt Top Covers.

Features and Specifications



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