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Aqualung X Shot Fins


Colour / Size
Orange / SM 3 days
Orange / REG 3 days
Orange / LG/XL 3 days
Blue / SM 3 days
Blue / REG 3 days
Blue / LG/XL 3 days
Black / SM 1 In Stock
Black / REG 1 In Stock
Black / LG/XL 3 days
Hot Lime / SM 3 days
Hot Lime / REG 3 days
Hot Lime / LG/XL 3 days
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The Aqualung X Shot Fins not only look great, but perform like a dream too!

They are really comfortable to wear and swim with and offer fantastic performance with the mid-foot pivot, which is designed to reduce toe fatigue by divers and the "Power Transmission Zone" really helps make these fins efficient-kicking.

The X Shots come standard with the Aqualung Spring Straps which means getting your fins on and off no longer needs to be a struggle.

These fins combine ease of kicking with optimal power and efficiency, so you'll feel like you're rocketing underwater!

  • The Power Zone, located in front of the foot pocket, features integrated “V Boosters”, providing optimal power with each kick
  • The Power Zone provides the diver a mid-foot pivot point on the fin, minimising fatigue and maximising energy transfer to the blade
  • A new spring strap offers a soft heel pad along with Aqua Lung’s own proprietary buckles
  • The foot pocket is equipped with the “Power Transmission Zone”. This anchors the foot preventing unnecessary stretching of the foot pocket on the power stroke resulting in maximum energy transmission
  • The blade contains a high performance elastomer resulting in high efficiency
  • An elastic blade insert creates a “spoon effect” that pushes more water with each down stroke adding to efficiency
  • A customised inner sole provides a grip effect. This prevents wasting power from the boot moving laterally inside the boot pocket
Style Open Heel Foot Pocket
Open Heel
Power Technology -
Power Transmission
Power Zone
V Boosters
Spring Straps
Gear Shift -
Travel-Friendly -
Ergonomic Buckle -
Quick-Release Buckle -

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