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Aqualung Titan LX Supreme Second Stage

Aqualung Titan LX Supreme Second Stage is part of the ever-popular -regulator series from Aqualung. 

This second stage is pneumatically-balanced for superior breathing comfort, using parts that are common to other Aqualung products for ease of servicing. 

The easy to grip Venturi lever prevents un-desired freeflow at the surface while giving maximum performance at depth. 

Equipped with the patented Comfo-bite -mouthpiece this second stage comes with lip seal to keep lips warm during a cold water dive.

Suitable for cold water diving, easy to service, light-weight and travel-friendly yet reliable -the Titan LX is laden with great features making it a really good value for money, mid-range regulator. 

Features and Specifications

Second Stage only - Hose sold separately!


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