Aqua Lung Shot FX Fins

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Size Guide
Aqua Lung Fins Size Chart

Use this size guide to find the best fitting pair of Aqua Lung Fins for you. Don't forget that these are an approximation only as everyone has slightly different shape feet and boot thicknesses so make sure you try your new fins on to check for correct fitting before using them for the first time.

Small UK 5-7
Medium UK 8-11
Large/X-Large UK 11-13

  • Description

    Aqua Lung Shot FX Fins are particularly designed for the ladies -and this does not mean only cosmetic changes!

    The foot pockets of the Shot FX are smaller to provide a snug, more comfortable fit for female feet and the blade stiffness increases with bigger sizes. This feature allows divers to choose their blade stiffness, depending on their style of diving.

    Other innovations, such as the mid-foot pivot to eliminate foot and toe fatigue often experienced by divers and the “Power Transmission Zone” for efficient kicking.

    Shot FX comes standard with the Aqua Lung Spring Straps and a soft TPR heel pad. Donning and doffing your fins have never been easier an you can kiss goodbye to struggling with straps at the back of the boat.

    These fins are easy-kicking yet powerful and efficient and you will be gliding effortlessly through the water with them on.

  • Features
    • The Power Zone, located in front of the foot pocket, features integrated “V Boosters”, providing optimal power with each kick
    • The Power Zone provides the diver a mid-foot pivot point on the fin, minimising fatigue and maximising energy transfer to the blade
    • The foot pocket’s design, compounds and sizing are dedicated to women’s feet resulting in greater comfort
    • The Shot FX has a dedicated blade that is shorter and softer than traditional fins. This makes them easier to kick
    • A new spring strap offers a soft heel pad along with Aqua Lung’s own proprietary buckles
    • The foot pocket is equipped with the “Power Transmission Zone”. This anchors the foot preventing unnecessary stretching of the foot pocket on the power stroke resulting in maximum energy transmission
    • The blade contains a high performance elastomer resulting in high efficiency
    • An elastic blade insert creates a “spoon effect” that pushes more water with each down stroke adding to efficiency
    • A customised inner sole provides a grip effect. This prevents wasting power from the boot moving laterally inside the boot pocket
    Style Open Heel Foot Pocket
    Open Heel
    Power Technology -
    Power Transmission
    Power Zone
    V Boosters
    Spring Straps
    Gear Shift -
    Travel-Friendly -
    Ergonomic Buckle -
    Quick-Release Buckle -


    Fin Care and Maintenance

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