Aqua Lung Reveal X1 Mask

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  • Description

    The Aqua Lung Reveal X1 is a lightweight single lens mask that features a minimalist frame that gives the mask a great field of view whilst still providing plenty of structural strength. The Reveal X1 features a completely new skirt design that incorporates a new grade of crystal clear silicone that offers a super soft and comfortable fit.

    The new skirt shape allows it to fit a very wide range of face shapes, reducing the need for a narrow or wider fit skirt. Features built into the skirt improve the flexibility and seal of the skirt against the skin, providing a better seal integrity. Textured areas around the nose and on top help to improve grip when equalising or clearing the mask.

    The mask strap buckles are fitted directly to the silicone skirt to reduce the width of the mask and reduce drag but it also helps to reduce the stress and movements passed into the mask that might cause the skirt to move or leak.The new buckle system uses a one button design for easy adjustment of the strap and the large button can easily be activated, even with thick gloves. The mask shape has been given a spherical shape to improve fit, comfort and help to keep the strap in place.

    The Aqua Lung Reveal is also available as a twin lens design - Aqua Lung Reveal X2

  • Features
    • Single lens, minimal frame design
    • Universal Advanced Silicone Skirt (UASS) - Fits a wide range of face shapes
    • Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) enhances the sealing features of the silicone skirt, improving fit, comfort and feel
    • Spherical silicone mask strap
    • Quick Fit Buckles.
    • HI-VIS technology molds the frame of the Reveal from two bright yellow and orange materials for increased visibility under water
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