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Aqua Tec JR Nitrox Pony Sack

Aqua Tec JR Nitrox Pony Sack is perfect for those that use Nitrox for decompression as this pony sack clearly identifies the pony cylinder as containing Nitrox.


  • Made from 9oz nylon, the sack is designed to fit a 3 litre steel or 3 litre Luxfer aluminium pony cylinder with adjustable strap connections for fitting to the main bottle.
  • A stainless steel D-ring on the back of the sack provides an additional securing point to the jacket if required.
  • Open mesh bottom, with a pull cord at the neck.
  • Colour coded to suit Nitrox coding with Nitrox printed on outside of sack.


Tank type
Aluminium 2-3 days
Steel Currently Unavailable
More Info on Shipping