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Aqua Tec Delayed Mark SMB

Aqua Tec Delayed Mark SMB is a very popular Delayed SMB. It is usually inflated prior to leaving the bottom, allowing air expansion to fully inflate the SMB on its assent. A large capacity Delayed SMB when fully inflated will support diver during decompression.

Manufactured in the same material and to the size of Dive Mark SMBs it is open ended with a throat restriction at the bottom of the tube. This restricts the air from escaping should the line be released. A Velcro strap retains SMB when rolled up prior to deployment.

The Delayed Mark will provide up to 15-16 Kg of positive buoyancy at the surface.

Approx. size: 145 cm long x 20 cm dia.

Available with or without dump valve.

* A pressure relief/dump valve prevents bursting.
* Highly visible fluorescent orange & yellow
* Large capacity providing 15-16 Kgs lift at the surface
* Large open end for ease of filling
* Fixed Velcro strap on hanger retains SMB when rolled up prior to use


Color / Style
Orange / Non-Dump Valve 2 In Stock
Yellow / Non-Dump Valve 2-3 days
Orange / Dump Valve 2-3 days
Yellow / Dump Valve 1 In Stock
Orange/Yellow / Dump Valve 2-3 days
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