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Apeks WTX-D60R Twin Cylinder Wing

Apeks WTX-D60R Twin Cylinder Wing features a redundant system made up of two inner cells in one outer bag. Both cells are capable of providing 60lbs of lift when full. This wing allows you to dive with peace of mind, knowing you're carrying a redundant system.

The WTX-D60R twin cylinder wing is designed for twin set diving and perfectly complement the Apeks range of twin manifolds and the Tek3 regulators. Not only is this donut wing streamlined, but due to its shape being a continuous loop, is is very stable underwater. There is no dramatic shift of air from left to right.

The design of this twin cylinder wing is smart in a way that it allows a cylinder to nest deep inside it and it mates up perfectly to the res of the Apeks WTX collection of high-quality harnesses, plates and accessories to create the perfect, versatile BC for all your diving needs.

To use with a single cylinder (12l or 15l) the Apeks Single Tank Adapter is required.


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