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Apeks Flight Regulator First Stage

This is just the 1st stage of the Apeks Flight Lightweight Travel Regulator.

This option is simply for people that only want to replce just the 1st stage or their Regulator.

You should only use same branded and same performance 1st and 2nd stages when it comes to diving regulators ie - Apeks Flight 1st Stage with Apeks Flight 2nd Stage.

Apeks Flight Regulator 1st Stage -Specifications

Apeks Flight Regulator Video

Apeks Flight Regulator Brochure


    Valve type / Colour
    INT / Pewter 2-3 days
    DIN / Pewter 2-3 days
    INT / Twilight 2-3 days
    DIN / Twilight 2-3 days
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    Vendor: Apeks