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Apeks 10 Ltr Cylinder with Basic Valve and Boot

Apeks 10 ltr 232 bar dive steel cylinder with Apeks basic valve and insert. The insert can be removed should you use DIN regulators.

The Apeks cylinder valve is a 232bar DIN / Yoke convertible cost-effective valve with a one piece forging and M25 neck thread. With the usual Apeks quality but none of the frills of the higher end valves, this is an ideal first valve. It also has a metallic reinforced, soft grip and shock resistant hand-wheel, double O Ring sealing and nickel plated internal parts for high gas flow and superior performance.

  • All white in colour
  • O2 clean
  • All Apeks Cylinders have convex (flat) bottoms, so when boot is removed it will still stand


  • 2-3 days More Info