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AP Valves Buddy Blast with AP100 connector

AP Valves Buddy Blast Air horn is designed to be used easily with even cold hands or gloves on. There are no tiny buttons to find -you simply just grip the body of the unit and squeeze the spring-loaded halves together to create a huge 136dB blast of noise, guaranteed to get you noticed in an emergency.

The air horn comes with a 61cm (24'') medium pressure hose with a swivel connection for ideal positioning of the unit.

Placed on the upper chest area, the buddy blast is always easy to spot and reach when needed.


BB100 Buddy Blast with AP100 connector 2-3 days
BB200 Buddy Blast with AP200 connector 2-3 days
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Collections: All, AP Valves

Category: AP Valves Air Horns

Type: Diver Safety

Vendor: AP Valves