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Miflex Hoses - BCD / Drysuit Hose - Black

We love Miflex hoses - lots of our divers convert all of their hoses which can sometimes make a 2kilo difference to a set of regs. They have an average lifespan that is 3x longer than traditional hoses.

Don’t forget to add the Miflex Easy Gripper to your order to take the hassle out of connecting and disconnecting your Miflex Hose!


15cm 1 In Stock
20cm 1 day
25cm 1 day
30cm 1 day
35cm 1 day
40cm 1 day
45cm 1 day
50cm 1 day
56cm 1 day
60cm 1 day
65cm 1 day
71cm 2 In Stock
73cm 1 day
75cm 1 day
81cm 1 day
90cm 1 day
95cm 1 day
100cm 1 day
110cm 1 day
120cm 1 day
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