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Metalsub Cable Light KL1256

The Metalsub KL1256 umbilical dive torch can be customised to do whatever you want in terms of brightness and battery life depending on which Metalsub Battery Tank you add to it. You can also buy the separate Metalsub Goodman Handle if you want hands free brightness on your next dive adventure! The KL1256 comes in 5 different variations - 4 of which refer to brightness and the 5th being the new Metalsub Video light that has an amazingly wide beam.


VL1242 LED 3000 Video Light 1 In Stock
Cablelamp KL1256 1 In Stock
KL-1256 LED Cable Lamp - 2100 Lumen, 30W 1 In Stock
KL-1256 LED Cable Lamp 5000 Lumens 1 In Stock
KL1242 LED Cable Lamp - 3500 Lumen, 36W 2-3 days
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