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Inon Grip Base M1

An arm base for a midsize underwater housing for micro four thirds system etc. Firmly attached on a housing with two tripod screws. The Base is equipped with legs to provide stable placement of combined housing. The Z Joint is directly attached on the top end of the arm to hold a strobe and wide variety of INON arm system is compatible with this product to expand your system with strobe/LED flashlight. It is easy to set-up multiple lighting system with dual strobe configuration by attaching extra "D Holder". Weight: 260g (9.2oz) [air] approx.150g (5.3oz) [underwater] Compatible Housing INON X-2 for GF1- INON X-2 for GF2 or Olympus PT-EP01- Olympus PT-EP03- Olympus PT-EP05L- Olympus PT-EP06L- Olympus PT-EP08 Olympus PT-053


Olympus PTEP01 - 05L - 06L version 1 In Stock
12-24 Tripod Screw Set version 1 In Stock
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