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Inon Wide Conversion Lens UWL-100 28AD

Ÿ?Dual use (land / underwater) wide conversion lens specially designed for 28mm wide camera (35mm film equivalent). The maximum view angle is 100ô› underwater for wide imaging and 179ô› on land for fish-eye imaging. Ÿ?Compact size for easy handling underwater; outer diameter: 87.4mm- height: 43.2mm- weight: 370g (*excluding optional lens hood) Ÿ?In addition to ultra wide angle of view- optical design of the UWL-100 28AD allows closer focusing distance which benefits you when shooting wide macro image. Ÿ?Optional Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-100 further widen maximum angle of view to 150.8ô› underwater for semi-fisheye imaging. Ÿ?Optical construction consists of 4 elements in 4 groups with coated optical glasses which effectively suppress optical aberrations and elicits master lens performance. Ÿ?Bayonet 28AD Mount compatible to support instant installation and speedy lens exchange underwater. Ÿ? The UWL-100 28AD is attached on compatible camera / housing via 28AD Mount Base or 28AD Port which is exclusively designed for each housing . The UWL-100 28AD is designed for 28mm (35mm film equivalent) digital camera so not usable for AD Mount Base which is compatible with 35mm standard digital camera though the lens is physically attached on it.


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