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Waterproof W30 Wetsuit 2.5mm Shorty - Ladies

This stylish Shorty is a spin-off from the W30 Full suit. Same type of stretchy material and with flat locked seams to achieve as little restrictions as possible to enhance the move ability for the active water sport user.

Sometimes here at Waterproof we hear through the grape vine that our suits are too warm and too excessively well constructed. Well- if that is a criticism- we at Waterproof can live with it. To combat the fact that our standard suits are too warm - we have come up with a clever solution. We recommend that you buy a thinner suit - preferably the new W30 Sport Series from Waterproof.

Disclaimer: Waterproof confesses that the new Sport Series unfortunately suffers from the same disease as our standard collection- it looks smart and it is well constructed- the fit is excellent and it is probably too warm and comfortable as well. Unfortunately we just cannot help but produce our suits this way.


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