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Look Clear Disinfectant Spray

Convenient and high efficiency product- specifically formulated to disinfect and clean all types of regulators- masks- mouthpieces and snorkels- made of rubber- silicone or thermoplastic materials. Excellent for rebreathers- canisters- respiratory bags- corrugated. It is very important to properly disinfect and clean your scuba gear for 2 main reasons: ? If not properly disinfected- the mask may become a vector of ocular infections. ? Salive and mucous membranes are microorganisms carriers- therefore it is recommended to disinfect your regulator/snorkel carefully after each use. Technical Features: ? It is a surgical medical aid (REG. MIN. DELLA SALUTE Nô›12382). ? Triple action: Bactericide/Fungicide/Virucide (HBV/HIV). ? Compatible with plastic and metal. Instructions For Use: 1. Vaporize a small amount of the product. 2. Let it act for 5 minutes. 3. Rinse abundantly with running water at the end of the operation.


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