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Fourth Element Argonaut Flex -Features

The incredible ergonomic design of the Argonaut 2.0 along with the Argonaut's telescopic torso allows for an incredible amount of movement and comfort, whether you are in thick or thin under layers.

It achieves to the highest standard of drysuit manufacturing in accordance with  European Standard EN 14225 - 2: 2005 for Drysuits in accordance with E U Directive 89/686/EEC.

The most important feature is the all new Argonaut 2.0 pattern. Fourth Element has taken feedback into consideration and designed a new fit which goes hand in hand with their biomap system. The new fit offers increased mobility, greater streamlining and gas management, and a more accurate fit.

To fit these suits, you can now come into our store to be photographed, and using their advanced biomap system, Fourth Element can analyse the photos to provide the best fit standard suit, or even a custom fitted suit at an extra cost.

The Argonaut Flex is made out of extremely durable flex tri-laminate throughout. The fabric's hardwearing properties have earmarked it for military use already, as it's layers provide a perfect balance of comfort and durability.

Argonaut Tec Boot   Argonaut Standard Boot Argonaut Pockets
The Argonaut Tech boots are made from 2.5mm compressed neoprene and are double reinforced at the toe and heel to provide maximum flexibility. They feature an ergonomic footbed. (Dry Sock option also available) The Standard Argonaut boots are crafted from 4mm compressed neoprene to offer warmth and comfort. They feature double reinforcement and an ergonomic footbed. (Dry sock option also available) The Argonaut features two large side pockets as standard, with a wetnotes sleeve, bungee loops for securing equipment and secure hook and loop fastening.
Argonaut Drysuit Collar Argonaut Seams Argonaut Double Zipper
The Argonaut provides a warm-neck collar and HD Latex seals for performance and comfort. The Argonaut uses Duratex taping to protect the outside of the seams from wear. Flat seams are taped inside and out for maximum durability. The Argonaut suit uses the YKK Aquaseal composite Zip in it's cross-chest entry. This cutting-edge zip replaces heavier, bulkier options.
Argonaut Drysuit Panels Argonaut Valves Argonaut Telescopic Torso
Duratex panels have been added to key areas of the suit, such as the shoulders, elbows and knees, which see the most wear. The suit is fitted with high-quality SI-Tech valves for inflation and deflation as standard. The telescopic torso is one of the best features of the sit. It offers maximum mobility and has an elasticated crotch strap and internal braces.
Argonaut Sizing
While the sizing charts help you find the right general fit, Fourth Element will modify arm and leg lengths as well as boot size at no extra cost when you order your suit.


Please view the Argonaut size chart to find your general size of suit. If you are unsure, don't hesitate to give us a call so we can help you with finding the perfect fit.

Extras can be added to the Argonaut, as well as exchanging certain parts of the suit. If you wish to see what options are availible, you can use Fourth Element's Drysuit Designer. We can then help you order this suit made the way you want it from Fourth Element. Please note that many of the options available will result in additional costs being added to the suit. We would be happy to help you calculate the exact cost of the suit you want if you do wish to add additional items.

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