Fourth Element Amphibian and Pelagic Diving Boots -Features

Ergonomic Insoles and Footbed
Both, The Amphibian and Pelagic boots are unique in their design in the market today, due to their ergonomic footbed/insole. The foot gets impact protection and heel support, cushioning underfoot and arch support. The solid chassis increases comfort and stability, especially when carrying heavy gear before entering water on shore dives or climbing ladders.
Exclusively designed for diving, the ergonomic insoles provide excellent support for the foot, particularly while carrying heavy dive gear. They feature a solid chassis with arch support, a cushioning midsole and heal strike pad for extreme comfort.

Heavy Duty Zip and Stopper

Most divers have experienced the common and annoying problem with dive boots –the zip sliding down mid dive, letting water in and making feet cold. The risk of this happening is significantly reduced with Amphibian and Pelagic boots with the heavy duty zip they both feature, and more specifically the zip-stopper, which keeps the top of the boot tight around the ankle.

Fin-strap Retainer

The Fin-strap Retainer is designed to keep the strap securely up on the back of the diver’s heel. Careful research and testing has ensured the retainer works perfectly with most diving fins on the market. Extra comfort is provided by the cut-away at the back of the heel, minimizing pressure on the Achilles tendon during swimming even during longer dives.

Double Layer Reinforcement

Both boots, Fourth Element Amphibian and Pelagic, have double layer reinforcements on top of the boot, ensuring that possible pressure from the fin’s boot pocket will cause minimal discomfort during the dive, making it more comfortable. The layers are made from recycled materials.
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