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Finnsub Fly DIR Harness -Features

Designed for Streamlined Safety

The FLY DIR Harness which comes with fixed, continuous webbing is designed based on the DIR/Hogarthian philosophy, which aims to keep equipment streamlined and minimalistic, without compromising their safety.

Backplate Options

The backplate comes in three options: 3mm Aluminium (weight 0.75kg), which is perfect for travelling due to it lightness, 3mm Stainless Steel (weight 2,75 kg’s) or thicker 6mm Stainless Steel (weght 5,5kg).

Other Features

The DIR Harness comes with 7 stoppers (made of 2mm stainless steel) and 5 D-rings (5mm thick, precisely welded and abraded). It has a rear pocket for SMB and adjustable crotch- and waist strap with stainless steel D-ring and buckle.