Finnsub Fly Comfort Harness -Features

Comfort and Practicality

The Fly Comfort Harness is designed to have a pleasant and comfortable fit without compromising the performance it delivers. Padded shoulder straps, which come in two sizes (S-XL and XXL) make it easy to carry heavy diving equipment and they also protect the rest of the equipment from wear and tear. The harness has a back buoy pocket, adjustable breast and crotch straps.

Safe and Trustworthy Design and Materials

Highly developed, ultra safe fastening system, initially proven by the parachutist allows easy donning and doffing of the gear as well as safe adjustment of the harness including its size of the actual user. Avoiding any plastic parts and trusting in stainless steel solely, makes this harness extra trustworthy. It is equipped with seven stoppers made of 2 mm stainless steel and seven stainless steel D-rings thick 5 mm which are precisely welded and abraded.

Backplate Options

Backplate can be chosen between shiny gloss stainless steel 3 mm (2,75 kg - 6 lb) and aluminium (0,75 kg - 1,7 lb) which is perfect for traveling due to its light weight.

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