Exposure Marine SUB M3 Mk.2 Dive Torch -Technologies

Magnetic Connection

Magnetic Connection of the charge plug allows for quick grab in an emergency and allows the gold plated terminal to be easily cleaned and dried before charging, preventing corrosion.

Fuel Gauge

Exposure Lights Fuel Gauge technology accurately displays battery power and burntime information so you can see how long you have left to dive.

Internal Thermal Management

Controlling the temperature of the LED's is important in ensuring that the light remains as efficient as possible. Patented technology in the circuitry of Exposure Lights stops the light from heating up to a point where the light loses power due to the elevated temperature.

Motion Control Technology

This patented technology allows the light to be controlled without the use of a mechanical switch, eliminating the risk of water ingress and mechanical failure. When attached to the wrist mount it allows for hands free control.

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