Dive Package Categories

Dive Package Categories

‘What kind of diver are you?’ That’s usually how we begin our conversations with our customers at Mike's. It helps us make sure you get the right piece of diving equipment! Many diving products are suitable for a variety of environments and uses (for example, just because a reg is lightweight, doesn’t mean it won’t be suitable for a professional). 

Therefore, we've created a colour coding system to help you identify which packages are suitable for a variety of uses and diving environments:

Warm Water Dive Equipment Packages

Warm Water

These packages are most suitable for warm water or occasional divers, covering tropical destinations like the Red Sea or Maldives. That means there’s more emphasis on weight and the ability to pack down the gear. Regulators are not necessarily cold water rated.

Temperate Water Dive Equipment Packages

Temperate Water

These packages are suitable for both warm and temperate waters or just generally more active divers, think destinations like the Mediterranean or anywhere where dives require 5-7mm full suits. BCDs will have the capacity to take decent quantities of integrated weights.


Cold Water Dive Equipment Packages

Cold Water

These packages are suitable for cold waters like the UK or even ice diving. They feature BCDs with adequate lift and weight pocket distribution as well as high performance cold water rated regulators.

Women's Dive Equipment Packages


These packages feature BCDs that are cut to fit female body shapes. Some regulators also have the option of smaller mouthpieces too.


Unisex Dive Equipment Packages


These packages feature BCDs which are more traditional in design or specifically created to fit both male and female body shapes

Men's Dive Equipment Packages


These packages feature BCDs that are designed specifically with male body shapes in mind.


Professional Dive Equipment Packages


These packages feature regulators and BCDs chosen for their durability as well as performance and would be excellent choices for divers planning on becoming divemasters or instructors.