Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

National lockdown restrictions are continuing to ease, allowing more activities to restart and non-essential shops to reopen. Our online store and customer support is open as usual, but our store remains closed for browsing and shopping whilst we finish a refit. We do have staff on site during normal opening hours for the collection of orders, but please be responsible about unnecessary travel and social contact for the collection of non-essential items. See below for more details. This page will be updated as restrictions are changed.

Service Status

London storeFully Open
Website: Normal Operation
Warehouse: Normal Operation
Customer Support: Normal Operation
ServicingNormal Operation

London Store

We are now fully opened our London store following the relaxing of restrictions and the completion of the store renovations works. There is no need to book any more, so please visit at any time during our normal business hours.

Video Streaming Consultations

We are actively implementing new ways to help our customers continue to shop with us, especially those that need more detailed or extended assistance with choosing the right piece of kit or help with fitting advice. Video streaming consultations are now available to those that need to speak/see one of our team, but these are by appointment only which can also be booked using this link or contact our Customer Support team to make arrangements.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support communication channels remain open as usual. They are there to help you with previous orders, current orders or future orders as they were already.

If you need to contact us call 020 8994 6006, email or chat online via the website (question mark in the bottom left of the site).

Equipment Servicing

Our London store is still accepting equipment servicing as usual. We can also arrange for pick-up of your servicing if it helps. All equipment will be cleaned and serviced to the manufacturers' specification as normal, but we are also taking extra measures to thoroughly disinfect all equipment.


Our delivery service is still operating, albeit with potentially extended delivery times in some areas which are subject to change. As always it is our aim to dispatch orders as quickly as possible but due to enhanced measures in place to protect our staff including reduced headcount and social distancing, a short delay may occur.


Whilst we don't foresee there being any issues with your new dive equipment, we do realise that you may not be able to fully test and use your new dive equipment for some time until the lockdown is released sufficiently to allow us to go diving again. To help, we are extending the warranty period of all equipment bought between 19th March 2020 and 30th June 2020 and between 3rd November 2020 and 2nd December 2020 so that they start from the first time you use the equipment or for an additional 6 months (whichever is sooner) rather than from the purchase date.


Our warehouse remains fully operational at this time, processing new orders and returns as normal. To help protect our employees, we have implemented a small quarantine period for all returns to reduce the possible risk of the virus spread and infection.

To reassure customers that we fully support them when shopping at Mike's Dive Store all orders placed between 19th March 2020 and 30th June 2020 and between 3rd November 2020 and 2nd December 2020 are eligible for a 6 months returns period. See our Returns policy for more information.

Stay Safe

Please remember to stay safe during these troubling time. Always follow the recommended hygiene procedures, take social distancing seriously to help slow the spread of the virus, be kind to others because we are all in this together and look after friends and family, especially those that are alone or vulnerable.