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Apex 40% Off Trade-In Deal

Time for Something New.

For a limited time, Apeks is offering an incredible deal: send them your old regulator, and receive 40% off a brand-new Apeks or Aqualung regulator.

Apeks is well known for their fantastic technical range of diving equipment, and now with this new offer, they are even more accessible than before. 


Apeks 2015 from Apeks Diving on Vimeo.



You can now turn this...


 Into this!





Provided your regulator is still in good working condition, all you need to do is choose which regulator you want from the Apeks line, then bring your old regulators in to us. We'll handle the rest and post them off to Apeks for you. After they have received and checked the regulator, the voucher code will be able to be redeemed for the 40% discount off a new system with us.

The discounts apply to similar items, for instance if a first stage only is sent in, the discount will apply to a new first stage, not a first and second stage, so it's a great time to update the whole set! 

Any brand of regulator is eligible to be traded in, it does not have to be an Apeks or Aqualung regulator.


Here at Mike's Dive Store, we love helping divers get exactly what they want from their equipment, and are happy to help you take advantage of this amazing offer. 


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* 40% Discount is given off the RRP of the regulator. 

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