Apeks XTX200 Regulator and Double Gauge -Features and Specifications

First Stage

  • Compact one piece body
  • 4 angled medium pressure ports,
    4 x 3/8" UNF
  • 2 angled high pressure ports,
    2 x 7/16" UNF
  • Environmentally dry sealed system
  • Attractive black and luxurious satin
    silver chrome finish
  • Balanced for superior performance
  • Removable ARCAP valve seat
Second Stage

  • Adjustable cracking control
  • Integrated venturi control
  • Pneumatically balanced valve design
  • Micro Adjuster
  • Suitable for cold water use
  • Bright Chrome Finish
  • Right or Left hand hose configuration
  • Metal Inserted front cover
  • New Optional Extra Hose Swivel connection
  • Changeable Exhaust Tees (DCE, Diver Changeable Exhaust) (Both sets supplied)
  • Identical to the XTX100 except for model number decal
  • Nitrox versions available


    Double Gauge:
    • The slim-line gauge case is made from nickel plated brass
    • Large loop area designed into the housing for ease of attachment
    • The dial range is from 0 to 5000 psi
    • Uncluttered, with large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect
    • Made with O2 compatible materials but be sure to O2 clean before use with high percentage oxygen
    • The dial window is made of highly shock resistant material (anti-splinter Polycarbonate) to protect your quality gauge
    • Over pressure relief fitted in the back
    • Dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions
    • There are 2 attachment areas integrated into the design for position flexibility
    • This may be a compact design but the displays are vivid and clear - perfect for diving. For example, the depth gauge spreads the first half of the scale and in total shows a range down to 230 feet
    • Depth gauge has resettable max depth indicator
    • Made with high shock-resistant windows, which is a must for divers

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