Apeks WSX-25 Sidemount -Detailed Features and Benefits

MATERIAL - The air cell is made of our Armoguard material – the same material we use for our Public Safety Diver (PSD) BC’s. This material was selected because it is extremely abrasion resistant.
ABRASION COVER- The air cell is covered with an additional layer of Armoguard material for additional abrasion protection
SHAPE – 25 lb buoyancy air cell has internal ligaments to maintain a very low profile. Important when passing through small tight restrictions in caves or wrecks


VALVES – Dump valve located more forward than typical Sidemount air cells to make it easier to reach. Inflator and dump valve can switch locations if using Right side inflator configuration when using dry-suits.

VALVES – A Flat E-Valve is used at the centre rear to maintain a low profile and still allow for dumping air with either the right or left hand.

ADJUSTABILITY – Air cell position can be adjusted up and down vertically to achieve optimum trim position.
TANK BUNGEE ATTACHMENT – Tank bungee can be routed several different ways depending on bungee style / user preference.

SLIDELOCK D-RING – A very unique and innovative D-ring that allows one handed position adjustment while locking very securely allows quick Trim of Aluminium cylinders as their buoyancy changes throughout the dive.

DROP ATTACHMENT POINT – A very unique and innovative design for attachment of reels, Butt Pouch, or even cylinders. Designed to allow quick easy attachment of bolt snaps.
SPINE WEIGHT POCKET – 3 Spine pockets hold up to 3 kg / 6.6 lbs each for a total of 9 Kg / 20 lbs of weight. Spine Weight Pocket can be adjusted vertically to achieve optimum trim.
BUTT POUCH – Included Butt Pouch is attached to the DAP (Drop Attachment Points) and used to store slates, reels, line markers, etc.
TRIM POCKETS – Optional 2 kg / 5 lb accessory Trim Pockets will be available. These can be mounted on any section of webbing to further assist with achieving optimum Trim.
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