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7 reasons to own a Liquivision X1

1. READABLE. Perhaps the most noticeable feature on the X1 is the bright and  ultra-readable OLED display . In contrast to liquid crystal, an OLED display can be read from any angle, in complete darkness, at all times. As light conditions change, the OLED display brightness can be adjusted while underwater.

2. SMALL. In contrast to other “brick” style computers, the X1 is very  streamlined. Low profile and without edges or angles to snag, the X1 is convenient and easily managed. It is shipped with a depth-compensating strap. A  Bungee Mount manufactured by Deep Sea Supply is available separately.

3. ROBUST. The X1 has a hard anodized  aluminium case with a highly durable mineral glass screen cover. The need for failure-prone o-rings has been eliminated as all the internals are potted. The potting procedure effectively makes the computer one solid mass which ensures the X1 has no airspace to flood or crush. 

4. REDUNDANT. The X1 features  two ceramic pressure sensors, for redundancy and safety. Ceramic sensors are also far more robust than industry-standard silicon filled ones. 

5. INTUITIVE. The X1 has  an intuitive “tap interface” based on accelerometer technology. The diver can easily control the X1 whether bare-handed or wearing thick dry gloves with extra liners. Navigating the X1 is extremely easy and efficient. The user gently taps the unit in any of four directions to scroll through the menus and functions. Due to the innovative tap interface, the X1 requires no buttons.

6. CHOICE. The X1 is built with  an open software platformthat allows the owner to select the software/algorithm s/he wishes to use for dive planning. There are currently three software packages available that can be used for any gas mixture and will work for both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit diving: V-Planner Live, GAP for X1 and MultiDeco-X1. There are no keys to buy or upgrades to make – one download gives the user full functionality. 

7. CUSTOMER SERVICE . Liquivision prides itself on superior dealer and customer service, before, during and after the sale. Please visit our   Testimonials   page to see what customers have to say.X

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