Dive Wetsuits

A wetsuit is a tricky bit of dive equipment to buy that's why we offer 30-day returns for that extra peace of mind. Realistically though if you are a travelling diver in an ideal world you would own at least three different thickness of wetsuits to cater for global water temperatures. Mike's Dive store offers only the best quality wetsuits from brands like Aqua Lung, Scubapro, Waterproof, Fourth Element.

But in the real world and due to us all having limited budgets. Our usual recommendation is that if you are only going to buy one wetsuit then make it a 5mm wetsuit - a 5mm wetsuit is the most versatile and will cover the broadest range of diving and snorkelling temperatures and sea conditions. Diving in the Red Sea, Mediterranean summer diving and perhaps even mid Summer in the UK with a 5mm wetsuit and a shortie over a vest or hooded chicken vest could do. In comparison, a 3mm wetsuit will usually cover you for Caribbean, Red Sea in summer, Indonesia, Maldives or Thailand. Then for the chillier dives either a 7mm wetsuit or semi-dry wetsuit for the UK.

Waterproof offers a comprehensive range of high-quality wetsuits from 1mm and 3.5mm tropical suits and skins to a full 8mm cooler water diving wetsuits. We also have a selection of matching Waterproof dive suit accessories like boots, hoods and vests. Their design, in our opinion, is innovative but very functional and some wetsuit technical features stand them out from the rest of the competition.

Scubapro dive wetsuits selection got you covered for any type of diving you can only think of - from tropical and snorkelling excursions to more serious diving that requires semi-dry wetsuits. Scubapro has been consistently delivering high-quality dive suits for a good few decades now and does not compromise on quality innovation.

Fourth Element is a young British company that immediately established itself as a leading manufacturer of the warmest and most stylish diving wetsuits for men and women. Like the other two companies, they are producing a comprehensive range of fantastic wetsuits and skins for tropics, more moderate climates as well as chilly water diving. Fouth Element claims to create one of the warmest 5mm wetsuits on the market which popular amongst beginners, advanced, technical divers as well as underwater photographers. Best Equipment for Adventure is their motto and they also try actively to reduce single-use plastics in the manufacturing process and be environmentally friendly.

We are here for you so, if you have any doubts regarding which wetsuit is for you, have a read our Best Wetsuit for Scuba Diving Blog, or call us for advice. 

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