Cressi MC9 SC Compact Pro Regulator

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  • Description

    The Cressi MC9 SC Compact Prois a lightweight, compact regulator that combines high flow rates, excellent coldwater performance and reliability all in one system.

    The MC9 SC first stage utilises an over balanced diaphragm design for improved performance and also incorporates an environmental seal that prevents cold water and contaminants from interacting with the internal components which helps to prevent ice buildup in extreme low temperatures.

    The first stage has a compact inline design that minimises the number of turns the air flow has to make before exiting via the ports. Two high pressure and four low pressure ports provide ample options for hose configurations and allows both a pressure gauge and wireless transmitter to be fitted at the same time.

    The Compact Pro second stage is made from a combination of lightweight ABS and elastomer materials and stainless steel components to ensure it is light and compact. Its combination of performance, reliability, weight, price and cost of maintenance make it a perfect travel regulator.

    The Pro version incorporates particles in the second stage body that help improve the thermal conductivity and to prevent freezing in cold environments.

    The Compact Profeatures a purge button that is between 80-400% larger than that of any other regulator on the market to facilitate purging, especially for beginning divers.

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  • Features

    First Stage

    • High pressure ports (HP) 2 - 7/16
    • Low pressure ports (LP) 4 - 3/8
    • Compensation/system: overcompensation diaphragm Flanged filter without circlip
    • Air flow 3000 l/min (*)
    • Intermediate pressure 9-10 bar
    • Intermediate pressure drop (150 bar) 0.5-1 bar
    • Exterior regulation LP: yes (Allen key)
    • Weight: Int. 615 g / DIN 480 g
    • Supply pressure (INT connection) 0-232 bar
    • Supply pressure (DIN connection) 0-300 bar
    • Tare pressure 9.2-9.6 bar
    • Tare regulation scale +/- 0.5 bar

    Second Stage

    • Downstream system
    • Adjustable Venturi effect
    • Patented antifriction lever
    • Thermoconductive technopolymer body
    • Big purge button
    • Anti-scratch surface
    • Bayonet-type cap holder with security lock
    • Stainless steel cover
    • Removable exhaust tee without tools
    • Weight without hose: 4.9 oz / 140 g
    • Average Cracking effort: 2.41 inwc / 6 mbar
    • Average breathing effort 1.1 J/l
    • Extremely light and flexible
    • Weight: 5.4 oz / 153 g
    • Certification EN250/2014
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