XDeep Ghost Standard Wing System

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  • Description

    The XDeep Ghost Standard Wing System is a complete and exceptionally comfortable BC system weighing in at only 2.2kg, making it perfect for the travelling scuba diver. It uses a revolutionary design and cutting edge materials, together with no compromises on quality to create a tough and durable BCD unrivalled in recreational diving. The standard version of the Ghost is fitted with a standard ultralight harness.

    The Ghost was designed to be completely streamlined, staying tight to the divers body and cylinder. Effort is reduced, enjoyment of the dive is heightened.

    The upper part of the wing is intentionally smaller than other single cylinder wings to prevent you being pushed forwards when on the surface. The Ghost wing may be smaller than most but offers significant lift of over 17 litres of buoyancy. The design ensures that just about all the BCD lift is kept underwater when you are upright at the surface.

    The Ghost is the only BCD wing system that allows you to adjust the relationship between the cylinder, the wing and the tank adaptor to ensure perfect freedom. The scope of the movement possible means that anyone, from giant to petite can dive in comfort.

    Significant advantages in trim and balance can be gained by moving weight pockets up the body, off the hips and keeping them closer to the cylinder. The NX Series harness achieves this with carefully calculated placement of the pockets. No longer will you feel the lead dragging you down into a sea horse position. For women the weight distribution is a major step forward. It will take the weight off the hips and you will feel better supported by the system.

    The backplate and adaptor are made from aerospace grade aluminium and magnesium alloy. Derived from aviation use, this alloy provides rigidity and structure, is tough and hard wearing and is very, very light. The single shell design delivers the toughness of a double shell by using dTEX Cordura, coated with as much as a 0.215 mm-thick TPU layer.

    Sizing Guide:

    • Small: For divers shorter than 175 cm
    • Large: For divers taller than 175 cm

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  • Features
    • CORDURA 1100 dTEX
    • Anti-bacterial coating
    • TPU 0.215mm coating
    • "K" type inflator
    • 3D Mesh
    • Ultrasonic welding
    • HF welding
    • Fabric laser cutting
    • Amann Serabond thread
    • CNC edge bevelling
  • Specifications
    Basic parameters GHOST Standard GHOST Deluxe
    Perfect for: Recreational diving with the single tank. Travelling.
    BCD sizes available: 17kg 37lbs
    Harness type: NX SeriesUltralight Standard NX SeriesUltralight QR
    Harness sizes available: For divers less than 175cmtall (S)
    For divers 175cmand more tall (L)
    Harness adjustment: Adjusted with the tri-gliders Adjusted with the ITW Nexus QR buckles
    Quick unfastening of the shoulder straps: Optional Standard.
    With ITW NEXUS QR buckles
    Weight pockets: Modular weight system with the capacity
    from 0kgto 16kg(35lbs)
    Backplate pads: Standard,3D Meshof neutral buoyancy
    Shoulder straps padding: Optional Standard,3D Meshof neutral buoyancy
    Single tank adapter: NX SeriesUltralight
    Crotch strap: Comfortable "V-shaped" crotch strap
    Full set weight
    (without weight pockets):
    2.2kg 4.8lbs 2.4kg 5.3lbs
    Buoyancy compensator
    Buoyancy: 17kg 37lbs
    Type: Toroidal wing-style BCD
    Construction: Single shell
    Bladder fabric: Cordura 1100dTEX
    Spacing between backplate mounting holes: 11inches
    Dry BC weight
    (without harness):
    0.65kg 1.45lbs
    Type: K-Type
    Supply pressure: Between 6bar and 17.23bar (250PSI)
    Permissible tank parameters
    Cylinder type: Single tank
    Maximum size: 15L
    Diameter: Between 140mm and 240mm
    Operating temperature
    Water temperature: Between -2C and 40C
    Air temperature: Between -20C and 60C
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