BARE Drysuit 25% Professional Discount Offer

November 29, 2017

BARE Drysuit 25% Professional Discount Offer

It's back, the 25% professional discount offer.

Instructors and dive masters love BARE suits - and the good news is the hugely popular 25% price reduction offer for professionals is on again until 31st December 2017.

That's a serious saving on the price of your choice of suit from the entire BARE drysuit range (BARE undersuits and base layers are not included in this offer.)

Bare Professional Diver Drysuit Offer

All you need to do to obtain the 25% price reduction on a BARE drysuit is
complete a simple form and provide some form of qualification to confirm your professional diver status.

Contact us to learn more.

Paul Toomer Bare Drysuit Diver

Paul Toomer dives the X-Mission

He’s director of Dive RAID, an instructor trainer, explorer, deep wreck enthusiast and much more - now Paul Toomer has been diving the BARE X-Mission drysuit. His recent expeditions have included the HMS Hampshire, which was carrying Lord Kitchener and more than 700 others when she struck a mine and sank off Orkney in 1916.

Paul says: “The material the [X-Mission] suit is made out of is just amazing. I have NEVER been so flexible underwater."

“The skills I complete as a deep open and closed circuit diver are sometimes complex and the need to be agile not only make completing the skills easier, but actually make me safer."

HMS Hampshire

  • 58 metres deep
  • 8-degree C water temp
  • 120 minute run times
  • 8 dives over 12 days

"The cut of the suit is perfect and when using rock boots and the BARE gators I can literally fall asleep while decompressing. Pushing through wrecks where I am constantly adjusting my trim and angle is just so simple. I suffer from zero gas chasing around the suit."

“The valves are also in a perfect position and are easy to use."

“If you want this suit back you will have to cut it off me.”

Have you tried the X-Mission yet? Contact us today to find out more.

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