The International Ocean Film Tour is coming up soon...

February 25, 2016

International Ocean Film Tour Volume 3

In just two and a half weeks, on March 13th, The International Ocean Film Tour will make its debut in London. 

Tickets are still available to be purchased at our shop for only £14.

If you haven't already seen the full trailer for the event you can watch it here as well as find out all the other information about the event. 

We are exited that the tour has announced two more films that will be shown!

The newly announced films are:

Sonic Sea - a film about one of the least frequently talked about types of pollution affecting our ocean: noise pollution. (This special edit is 22 minutes long, produced specially to be shown on the film tour)

Born To - Marine biologist Ocean Ramsey has devoted her life to the protection of sharks, and this film explores her close relationship with the sea and its inhabitants. 


We hope to see you at the show, drop by any time we are open to pick up a ticket!

For more information about the show, and the other films that will be shown, check out our page here.

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